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Albrecht Röder

FREUNDE Eventagentur / Sport

Sport Organization


The professionel planning and organisation of sports events requires a special know how. We possess a long-standing experience in cycling, but also in soccer, triathlon or other sports we feel at home.

Cycling Events.

With Albrecht Röder we have an absolute cycling expert in our team. He was cyclist himself and he have a lot of experience in different cycling projects: Road Bike World Championship, Olympic Games in Peking, European Games in Baku. His homeland is Baden-Wuerttemberg – after 20 years of Tour de Ländle he knows every stone beside the road and every marketplace.

Sport Events.

Sports organizations don’t means just cycling. We FRIENS feel good at every kind of sport and particularly when it comes to performing in public space. BARMER Women’s Run, Tour de Ländle, Triathlon and Soccer Event Organization are our sports highlights.